Monday, August 15, 2011


Thank-you to one and all for the wonderful reunion!! We had such a great time and wish you all could have been there!! Here is a quick glimpse of our time together-

Friday, Aug.5- pizza at the Lower Lake Park

Saturday, Aug.6- Breakfast at Grand Lake Lodge

Family Business after Breakfast

Minutes from meeting:

Collected $320.00 in dues- spent every penny!!

$15.00 per year per family- whether you attend or not- we will establish a Bates Family Reunion Fund- Katie Roberts is permanent Treasurer.

Next Reunion will be held in Provo, Utah- 2013 ( pending BYU schedule)- Bob & Sandra Suman Family in charge. Bob and Sandra will delegate responsibilities

Voted on meeting at 6 a.m. to go through Rocky Mountain National Park and drive over Trail Ridge

Voted on holding Fast & Testimony Meeting @ 1:30 p.m. at cabin- Bob Suman conducting. Travis Roberts, Jim Epps, Phil Holmes, Ken Schaub bless and administer Sacrament

Meeting adjourned and picture taking:

Saturday night Dinner at Granby L.D.S. Branch -A walk down "Memory Lane"

Sunday morning- Trail Ridge Road- what a great way to start the day!!

Fast & Testimony Meeting- sharing thoughts and feelings of Ivan & Elsie Bates

Sunday Evening- Happy 39th Birthday to J.Hyde

Monday and Tuesday- Fishing, fishing, shopping, hiking, visiting,fishing- so much fun and such good company and such beautiful surroundings. Thanks again everyone!! We had a great time!

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Natalie said...

these pics look great! i'm so sad we missed the reunion. but hopefully we can make the next one!